It's your one-stop Cash register system

RIAB is the convenience you need for your brick and mortar - in a box! 

Look no further because the right server, right device or right software can be found here. Simply purchase RIAB and plug everything in. RIAB is the most advanced and competitive point-of-sales hardware plus system in the market.


What's inside that box?

We deliver a solution to help you manage your retail more efficiently so that you’ll have time to focus on your real business.
Inside Retail in a Box, you get :
  • 10 inch Tablet (HP Pavillion x2)
  • A versatile stands built specially for your tablet.
  • Cash Drawer
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • SIX months free subscription to Xilnex CloudPOS (Standard Edition)


One Box, Entire Outlets.

Xilnex Cloud POS is a per outlet subscription. In other words, there are no additional charges if you have more than one operating computer, point-of-sales station or cashier in the same outlet. You are entitled to have an infinite amount of devices running Xilnex at ONE outlet subscription price!

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Synced & Secured


Data protection is Xilnex’s highest priority. Hence, Xilnex is one of the very few Retail Management Solutions in the world that is EAL1 (ISO/IEC 15408) certified (A globally recognized security certification and audit standard).

Also, all data is hosted on Windows Azure, which currently has 3 nodes in Asia situated in Singapore, Hong Kong and also Japan. This means is that your data is backed-up at 3 separate and secured locations.  Therefore if one of the location experiences a server issue, your data is still safe with the other 2.


Print Beautiful Customizable Receipts

Flexible customisation settings allow you to customize your receipts to suit your unique needs and print your preferred calculation format. This also includes Malaysia’s recently implemented Goods and Service Tax.



View Real-time Data

As long as your device is hooked to the Internet, you can view the performance of any business branch.  Get real-time reports at your fingertips any time and anywhere. Xilnex is able to cater to most of your reporting needs. 


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