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Just when you thought Retail in a Box has the simplest setup, wait till you see what Xilnex inside can do for you

Yes, it’s true!


It comes with complimentary tablet complete with a stand for maximum cashier performance


You are ready to launch your business. Your versatile swivel pivot l tablet stand allows you to get communicate with your customer easily. Allow them to key in credentials or show them sales information. This tablet stand comes with a versatile grip that holds tablets from the standard 7" to 11".



Persistence performance, at all condition.

The tablet comes with an internal battery. Hence, even if the power goes out, your sales and vital store actions can be completed. Xilnex can also perform offline. Information is stored on cache and will be synced to the cloud when your internet is back. 

With hundreds of benefits and unique features, this page can go on forever, no kidding.

Whenever you subscribe to Xilnex, you’ll receive weekly fixes or updates; with new features release. This is to ensure an up to date retail system, a convenience that is high in demand.

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