Web Reporting

Get the most updated information at your finger tip, any time anywhere. With our unique cube designed reporting format, you can customize your own report! Xilnex definitely able to cater most of your reporting needs.


Customer Loyalty Program

With our in-built customer program, your customer shopping experience can be enhanced though loyalty programs, points systems and redemption systems. Implement attractive membership benefits such as member day, points to rewards and also member-only purchase! Make sure your member feel the privileges.


Inventory Management

Xilnex also comes with a comprehensive inventory management suite that complements your retail operations. Own the enterprise-level inventory management and visibility such as inventory movement control, warehouse management as well as end-to-end stock take/adjustment mechanism.



Customer’s birthday wishes and store anniversary deals? Yearly CRM activities can now be automatically triggered to send out notifications to your customers.


Promotion Functions

Create and inform customers on the latest store promotion or offers through sms or email alerts built into the system. Utilize the most comprehensive promotions and campaigns setup available in the market. Name it, buy 1 free 1, happy-hour, buy above certain amount and get rewarded, on-the-fly voucher printing and etc. Provide a no-barrier marketing imagination to your business!


Back End Cloud Based Structure

Our back end is supported by Microsoft Windows Azure, a world class cloud storage solution ensuring the most secure and capable cloud technology.


Network Connectivity

Xilnex allows you to connect and synchronize information across your multi-chain stores, providing access to the latest updated store information to guide you in your decision making. Xilnex works even in offline mode!


Windows enabled

Xilnex is able to run on any window based device giving you the options to hardware selection, it even works on tablets!


Technical Support Team

Our support team provides services through phone calls, email or online chat to help resolve issues you may encounter.


HQ-Less Concept

There is no longer any need to process request and information from your HQ, you can do it on any terminal that has Xilnex installed giving you the flexibility to work anywhere.


Authorization Level

Multiple levels of management and user profile? In Xilnex there is no limit to how many users or how specific the role your employees may hold. Just create and customize to ensure the right person has the right level of authority.


Recipe Controls

Xilnex F&B now supports recipe controls! Selling food with customizable recipe for each customer? Xilnex allow you to customize variables set by yourself, and even handle the inventory of these variables.


Table Management

Runs a local restaurant or franchising one? Have your restaurant organized with Xilnex table management today. Xilnex new Table Management records all the details of your clients and able to perform all kind of table action such as merge/split bills, discounts, table performance rating and more. 



Let's find out how to own these features with no extra charges when you purchase RIAB or Xilnex Software.

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